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The Meike Ranch
       he Meike Ranch is a working sheep and cattle ranch located east of Kaycee, Wyoming.  It has been owned and operated by the Meike Family for four generations.

     We maintain a brood herd of around 700 Angus-cross cows and a breeding flock of around 3,000  Rambouillet-cross ewes on approximately 40,000 acres of combined deeded and leased acreage.  The operations center of the ranch is located in the Powder River Valley surrounded by 1,200 acres of irrigated meadows and farm ground.  Alfalfa hay, oats, barley, and corn silage are staple harvests during a typical year.  The greater portion of our livestock grazeland is sited along the bottom of Powder River and south thereof, in a mixed terrain of grasses and scrub forage in high desert conditions.  (Average annual rainfall hovers near twelve inches.)  During the summer, our livestock graze forty miles distant in the cooler climes of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains at elevations between 7000 and 8000 feet above sea level.

     Wildlife is abundant in the region.  Mule deer and thrive in the river bottoms and on the alfalfa meadows.  Pronghorn dot the rolling hillsides.  White-tailed deer are at home on the slopes of the Big Horns, and elk roam the higher elevations.  Prairie dogs towns can be found on many grass flats, and raccoon, skunk, porcupine, badger, beaver, jackrabbit, and cottontail rabbit are other not-uncommonly seen critters.  Bird varieties include ducks, Canadian geese, wild turkeys, sage grouse, pheasant, eagles (golden and bald), and Sand Hill cranes.  Predators include fox, coyote, bobcat, mountain lion, and occasionally black bear in the Big Horns.

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